Crackdown 3

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Released: 15th February 2019

Region: PAL - Pegi Rating: 18 - Players: 1+

Skills for Kills
•    Level up your super-Agent skills to jump over skyscrapers, hurl trucks at your enemies and fight like a boss.

Dangerous Open-World Playground
•    Play with up to four friends over Xbox Live to take out a violent criminal empire and use the city as a weapon against your enemies.

Crime Claps Back
•    Lure vindictive crime lords out of their strongholds by roughing up their street soldiers, attacking criminal operations and taking out high-value gang captains.
Crackdown 3 comes with Wrecking Zone - a 10-person Player-vs-Player race to tear down the opposing team’s stronghold using your strongest Agent superpowers in a 100% destructible battle arena powered by Microsoft Cloud. 

Crackdown 3 FAQs
What role does Terry Crews have in Crackdown 3?
It was announced that Crews will be playing Commander Jaxon, one of the leaders of The Agency's strike force. His character will be a major presence throughout the course of the game.

What characters can you play through the game as?
Unknown at the moment outside of Terry Crews' Commander Jaxon.

What DLC will be available at launch?
As the game's release date has been delayed until Spring 2018, no DLC has been announced for the title yet.

What multiplayer elements does the game have?
Details are thin on the ground at the moment but it has been announced that Crackdown 3 will have an all new multiplayer mode where causing mayhem and destruction is the name of the game.

No, this isn’t a typo, Crackdown 3 really is here. Coming to GAME shelves and online eight years after the release of Crackdown 2, this action-adventure video game is the first of the series to visit the disc drives of the Xbox One, and what a game it is. Originally slated for a 2016 release, Microsoft and developer Sumo Digital wanted to get everything just right to ensure the very best gaming experience possible. 
Featuring the core gameplay of its predecessors, Crackdown 3 sees players enter a world in which many different organisations have complete control over the city of New Providence. In order to progress through the game, players need to take down these organisations by murdering their bosses and destroying their facilities. 
For this to be achievable, Sumo Digital has expanded the weapons roster available in Crackdown 3. With guns, grenades and rocket launchers, the arsenal at the player’s disposal is pretty vast. Not to mention that gamers can use their own physical powers. 
New to this edition of the Crackdown series is the “Gangs Bite Back” system. Here, the attention of a boss or Kingpin of an organisation can be drawn to the player after destroying a series of locations or elements that they specialise in. This means that members of gangs can retaliate at any time or place across the game world. This new dynamic means as players progress through the game, they are never truly safe from the wrath of gang warfare. 
Elsewhere, Crackdown 3 features a series of destructible environments from within its new co-operative multiplayer mode. Here, the entire city of New Providence is destroyable. Fans of causing mayhem are well catered for here. 
Story wise, the game is set 10 years after the events of its predecessor. A terrorist attack from an unknown source removes power from the entire world. The players must then investigate an unusual and mysterious organisation known as Terra Nova and try to take it down through whatever means they possibly can.  
With enticing graphics and the inclusion of Terry Crews as one of the game’s primary characters, fans of action-adventure will find plenty to enjoy in the chaotic and visually stunning Crackdown 3. 
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