Shockwave Assault

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Most of Shockwave Assault takes place in the cockpit of a F-177 fighter. The fighter is armed with a rapid fire laser which consumes energy and a limited number of homing missiles. 
The ship automatically levels off when it stops turning. The thrusters consume fuel, but give the ship a useful burst of speed. 
The shield is depleted as the ship runs into things or is hit by enemy fire. 
Each of these resources can be replenished by flying under the refueling drones that are located at fixed locations in each mission. 

The player must fight through ten missions, each with a boss at the end. The levels take place at various places around the Earth, and the terrain is modeled appropriately (Egypt has desert terrain, Peru has jungles, etc.). 
At the start of each mission the player is briefed on what to expect, and throughout the level, the on board computer gives additional information that changes depending on the player's performance.(wiki)

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