General Information and background

Games Systems is a privately owned company established in February 2010 to bring a fresh and new way of buying and selling video games within the games trading industry. We pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation and an honest, friendly down to earth approach to our customers and to the companies that we deal with. We sell games, consoles, accessories and gaming merchandise items ranging from new to pre-owned. We started off by selling items in our local market, on Ebay and Amazon before launching our own website in August 2010. Our uniqueness is helping us to grow and become more recognised within the industry.

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Games Systems Past, Present & Future

Since our website first launched in 2010, we have progressed massively. We now have a bigger stock range, have a newer and easier to use website. We have pages on social media sites which include Facebook & Twitter which features Trade-in Deals, latest Offers, Wanted Game of the Week, New Releases, Pre-orders, Gaming News, Competitions and much more. In 2013 we launched our new mobile e-commerce shop on Android and iPhone, making it easier for customers to make purchases wherever they are. Also, in the summer 2013 we launched Paypal Here at our local markets and car boots sales as we understand that a lot of people don’t bring a lot of money with them to markets and car boot sales so we launched a new feature that would allow customers to pay via Paypal using their bank card or mobile phone in order to boost sales on new & pre-order games. In 2014 we added new and interactive features to our website and giving it a bit of a fresher and a more gamey look. We are broadening our range and selling more accessories and merchandise than we did previously. In 2015 started trading in digital download codes for at least PC and hopefully DLC codes for Xbox, Playstation and Wii. We also overhauled the site on Android and iOS mobile e-commerce in order to make it easier and quicker for customers view and make purchases using their phone whilst on the move. In 2015 we also had a massive overhaul of the site, freshened up the looked, made site navigation easier and redesigned our logo. In February 2016 we launched our first gaming tv channel on Twitch bring you live streams of new releases, top games and highest requested games. Customers can interact with the streams, follow the channel in order to get points on their account and also win prizes and have their streams hosted by Gamessystemstv. In 2016 we started to include videos on the products we sell which means you can get a better idea of the product before purchasing it and by 2018, 99% of the products on our site will have videos for them. Also in 2016 we started Games Systems Gamers Club. This is our subscription based service where subscribers can get exclusive offers and save up to 90% on games, consoles, accessories, DLC, Season Passes and much more across the line of products on our website. With this subscription, you can even receive a FREE Gift or game which will be available on a randomly selected month. Subscribers will also receive FREE delivery on all items and next day delivery selected items. This subscription also gives you the chance of doubling your Purchase Points for a chance to get bigger discounts on future orders by placing at least 2 orders per month of subscription. In February 2017 we launched "Recently Viewed Products" in order to make it easy to navigate back to products that you've viewed whilst being on the site. In 2017 we plan on bring a Live Chat to the site. This will assist customers who need help on the site with immediate assistance. This will offer a far more quicker service than our current email service. You can also contact us through the Live Chat if you're looking to sell or trade-in your items as we can give you a quicker response. Expanding on what we started in 2016 with our gaming tv channel on Twitch, we will also be setting up a channel on Beam which is also set to launch in 2017. 

As you can see, each year we come up with more ideas and progression on the website and other platforms and we would appreciate your feedback to let us know what you think of our site. If you have any ideas or have spotted something we're missing then please feel free to let us know
Games Systems FREE Collection and Postal service

Should you wish to sell or trade-in your items, Games Systems offer a FREE collection service so you keep 100% of its cash & trade-in value! Saving you time, money and hassle. Further information about this service will be sent in a return email to you after you have sent us a list of your items to be valued. If you're looking to sell or trade-in a few games then you would need to post them to us which the address will be supplied to you in our contact with you. Once received, we will reimburse the postage cost back to you

I hope i have helped you gain confidence in buying, selling and trading with Games Systems and if you have any questions then be sure to check out our FAQs page first, if it's not answered there then send us your question by clicking Contact Us. Remember, we online take payments through Paypal and never ask for your card details as we want our customers to feel safe and secure whilst purchasing online. Your money is also protected by Paypal policies which is the same as if you were buying on Ebay.

From all of us at Games Systems we hope you enjoy shopping with us and we hope that you are happy with your purchases and enjoy them.

We thank you for your custom

Kind Regards,

The Sales Team